Splintered Soul started as a concept in cinematic, progressive metal in the mind of its founder member, composer and guitarist, Chris Frost. Through the years that followed, the band evolved and grew into the innovative powerhouse they are today. The fusion of progressive and cinematic elements combined with the band’s unique line up including Sally Jo (six string electric violin) and Erica Mengod (vocals), 8 string guitars and fretless bass make them quite unlike anything seen before. From breakthrough appearances at “Bloodstock” open air metal festival in 2010 and 2012 to their forthcoming album “Lore”, the band are going from strength to strength. According to Adam Gregory, the director of “Bloodstock” festival “Splintered Soul are just epic to watch, and stand out from nearly every other band out there”. Come and see them live and see why.
Erica Mengod - Vocals, Live Percussion.
Sally Jo - Six String Electric Violin, Acoustic Violins and Violas.
Chris Frost - Eight String Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Live and Recorded Percussion, Synths, Composer, Lyricist, Producer.
Nik Sampson - Seven String  Guitar.
Arran McSporran - Six String Basses.
James Burrows - Drummer, Lyricist, Composer.
Erica Mengod 

Originally from the south of Spain (Cadiz), Erica has now been living in the U.K for more than seven years. She started studying classical music and playing clarinet at the early age of nine years old but her passion always came from singing. After a few years of being the vocalist for a Spanish “funk fusion” band (mostly for fun and out of passion for the music) she simply couldn’t develop her career as a professional singer any further where she was, so packed her bags and came to London to find her musical home. Here she joined Splintered Soul where her voice and stage presence has been impressing audiences ever since. She is highly influenced by all kinds of music from classical to heavy metal. While in London, Erica studied and graduated with a BMUS music and performance. 

Sally Jo 

Sally Jo hails from Perth, Western Australia. SJ trained from the age of eight in classical music, first on the violin and later on the viola. Much of her teenage years were spent touring with orchestras before she went on to university to study classical music performance.


From 2000-2010 SJ lived in Bali where she was based with her World Music Fusion band Saharadja. She performed all over South Africa, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia for festivals, concerts, and TV shows. She recorded 3 albums with Saharadja: 'One World', "Limited Edition' and 'Abracadabra'.


Then in 2010 she moved to London where she joined cinematic metal band Splintered Soul. With her 6-string Viper Violin and Fractal Audio's Axe FX II, she is able to produce a vast range of sounds from acoustic violin, to string orchestra, to overdrive guitar sounds. 

Chris Frost

Chris has been composing since the age of 11, (teaching since the age of 14) when he picked up the Guitar and his first computer simultaneously. He has considered both as his instruments for composition ever since. Chris has always had an open mind for all styles of music the world over, and considers anything a potential influence.

Studying Classical Guitar at the Royal School of Music, Musical Theatre at the Miskin Theatre in Dartford, Contemporary Music at Bretton Hall College, as well as advanced Guitar and Theory from the legendary Chris Broderick of Megadeth, Chris Frost has had a passion for composition from day one. Following years of compositional experimentation, Chris was finally struck by the realisation of what he'd been creating. Rock/Metal and Film Score could work together as a potential new genre of music that to date, hadn't been explored. In autumn 2006 Chris immediately formed "Splintered Soul', a band with a unique and highly memorable style, that continues to get incredible interest the world over.  Chris regularly applies his background in Music and Technology to Splintered Soul to keep the band revolutionary both in and out of the studio.

Nik Sampson 

Nik’s musical journey began early on but really took off at the age of 13 when he received his first guitar lesson. He has developed a unique guitar style which has earned him recognition as one of the most versatile guitarists in the South East of the UK. He has been teaching guitar and touring across the UK for the last 7 years, and has been involved with several musical projects over the last decade.


Nik had been touring with Splintered Soul as a session Guitarist since 2011, but in 2013 became a permanent addition to the band’s lineup. After an introduction from Chris Frost, he now takes private Guitar lessons from Chris Broderick of Megadeth, focusing on the perfection of Guitar technique and exploration of advanced music theory.


To date, Nik is the only musician ever to have performed at the UK's prestigious Bloodstock Open Air Festival five times consecutively. 

Arran McSporran 

Arran has been a professional bass player since finishing his studies at the Academy Of Contemporary Music in 2007. He has toured nationally and internationally, playing in 23 countries including major festivals with his metal bands De Profundis and Seven7. Arran is well known internationally for his virtuosic playing and being one of the few bass players using a fretless bass in metal.


Arran’s approach to the bass is characterised by his love of other cultural music. He has intimately studied the music of Turkey, India, Spain, China and Africa and these influences are often present in his playing. Arran is a regular contributor to popular bass website and has been interviewed for and the UK's Bass Guitar Magazine. Arran joined Splintered Soul in 2013. 

James Burrows

James has played drums professionally since he was fourteen and has gigged and recorded in all musical styles and situations for many years. In addition to being a drummer James is currently a composer and music producer for a London based theatre group and has also composed and produced music for an award winning short film. Drum-tech trained James has always had a passion for progressive rock music and this passion has lead him to be a lyricist, co-composer and, of course, drummer for Splintered Soul since joining in 2010. 


Adam Gregory, Director of Bloodstock Festival
'Possibly the most formidable female lead duo in metal; Erica on lead vocals and Sally Jo on six string electric violin bring Splintered Soul’s cinematic metal a powerful and talented voice and soul.'

'Splintered Soul are just epic to watch and stand out from nearly every other band out there.'

James Dove, Music Force Distribution
One of the most dedicated and hard working bands around! These guys have managed to create their own unique sound that a lot of young pretenders will try to imitate...' 

Alan Hicks, The Rock Matrix
Today Bloodstock witnessed an unstoppable symphonic object, gently but confidently smashing aside any obstacles that once dared stand in it's way. A future slot on the main stage seems almost inevitable. 

Splintered Soul [Sophie Lancaster Stage - Bloodstock 2012] (Reviewed by
Lead singer Erica Mengod has a powerful, beautiful voice and the band complement her well with some original music to boot. These guys have got buckets of talent and potential, and definitely one to watch in the near future.

Splintered Soul [Sophie Lancaster Stage] - Bloodstock 2012 (Reviewed by The Rock Matrix)
The cinematic style constructs emanate from the stage, Erica Mengod providing the smooth but powerful vocal frontage, while electric violinist Sally Jo provides each and every track with a silver lining that so many bands strive for but ultimately fail to achieve. 

Festival EP Review by Richard Tilley for Brutifal Metal Radio 
What makes them stand out, and they do definitely stand out, are not only the vocal talents of Spanish born Erica Mengod who manages to produce a huge voice from a tiny frame and whose slight accent is perfect for the music but also the stunning and beautiful six string electric violin work of Sally Jo who is in essence Splintered Soul's 'second guitarist'. Of course the brilliant eight string guitar work of Chris Frost, six string bass of Arran McSporran and powerful drumming of James Burrows also have to be mentioned! These guys and girls can really sing and play but please don't think that their musical talent overshadows anything else because the song always comes first!

Knowing how good Splintered Soul are live and with their debut album promising to be a very grandiose affair when it is released, it would be nothing less than they deserve to grab some gigs supporting acts such as Rhapsody, Kamelot, Within Temtation or Amaranthe, where they would easily hold their own and get some much needed publicity. It really is about time genuinely talented musicians and bands in the UK, such as Splintered Soul, got some serious attention.

Splintered Soul's "Festival E.P." (Reviewed by 
This EP is extremely good – Erica’s vocals are just superb, the musicianship demonstrated is excellent, and the songs are just fantastic. There’s only one problem – after listening to the EP, the wait for the debut album (Lore – expected later this year) is going to be even more frustrating as the prospect of an album full of songs of this calbre is mouthwatering. On the other hand, at least if you have the EP, having three songs to listen to while you wait for the album is a hell of a lot better than not being able to listen to them. Rating: 9.5/10

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